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“We recently hired Maggie’s Concierge Service for house-sitting, dog & cat sitting, and plant watering. Maggie did a great job and took great care of our pets and our home.   We were very pleased with the work.”   Carol U., Oak Park, IL

"Maggie helped us out by waiting in line over night for a spot at a preschool. It sounds crazy, I know, but being very pregnant with our second child myself and knowing my husband wouldn't be able to wait overnight that night, it was a huge relief to have Maggie waiting there for us, especially knowing this would make the difference between getting into an amazing and FREE preschool, and having to look into very costly alternatives. Maggie was responsive to our initial inquiry, she researched the task before committing to it and nailed down all the details well in advance. She also confirmed the night of "the wait" and was even there earlier than we requested. She is also very warm and friendly, even after pulling an all-nighter! I would recommend her to anyone who needs assistance and will keep her contact information for our future needs."  Laura M., Chicago, IL (A Yelp Review)

"Service was excellent." Karin R., Oak Park, IL

"Maggie was a life saver for my family this week!  We all had a stomach bug and I called last minute because we needed medicine and food desperately as we were unable to leave our home.  Maggie was unbelievably pleasant, efficient, and carried out our requests to perfection.  Maggie brought us our meds and dinner in almost 1 hour from the time we called which we were so grateful for b/c we hadn't eaten in almost 2 days.  We are so impressed with the level of service Maggie provides.  We don't live near family so we are very glad that we found Maggie to help us with future errands/emergencies." Mayra M., Oak Park, IL (A Yelp Review)

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